Following positions are based out of New Delhi


We are presently seeking a Marketing Intern to lead our brand's visibility across social media and digital marketing platforms.

Proficiency in following roles is essential.

  • Social Media Management: Creating and curating engaging content for our social media platforms (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc.), planning and executing social media campaigns, and monitoring trends to enhance brand visibility.
  • Digital Advertising: Planning and executing online advertising campaigns (Google Ads, Facebook Ads, etc.), monitoring performance, and optimising strategies to maximise ROI.
  • SEO and Website Optimisation: Implementing on-page and off-page SEO strategies to improve website traffic, search engine rankings, and overall online visibility.
  • Content Creation: Developing creative and compelling content, including product descriptions, blog posts, newsletters, and other marketing materials to engage and educate our target audience.
  • Influencer Partnerships: Identifying and collaborating with relevant fashion influencers to promote our brand and products, fostering authentic and impactful partnerships.
  • Email Marketing: Creating and managing email marketing campaigns, segmenting audiences, and analysing campaign results to drive customer engagement and sales.

The candidate must have 1-2 years of relevant experience in fashion Marketing.


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